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msmary_style styling our mimosa half slip

Posted on September 29 2016

Sometimes you find a dress you adore, only to realize it's shorter than you prefer. When I discovered @peekaboochic extenders, I loved the idea as it would extend my wardrobe significantly. When I received my first extender, I couldn't believe the quality of material and workmanship. I've actually used it as a top extender as well and I love how versatile it is. It also just adds something to your outfit to make it pop. To top it all off, it's perfect to fit over my pregnancy bump! I'll be wearing this extender during and after my pregnancy. It's amazing! Link in profile. 📸: @skirts_and_heels_

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Do you ever have a moment where it feels like God reaches down and let's you know He is there and cares about the smallest thing in your life? I have been looking for a big boy bed for Billy but finding nothing. I don't think I ever prayed about it. I just decided to wait. And then someone out of the blue gave us a set of bunk beds. Not just any set but one exactly like I had been hoping for. It was like in the middle of life, God just wanted me to know He loves me. And that was amazing, my friends. Wearing my @peekaboochic skirt extender as a top extender. 📸: @jdawnphotography

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